our LA “kitchen”

photos: m&j

On a recent shoot in LA, we were charged with creating a little kitchen on-set and were just delighted by the results – thank you so much to the talented Kate Martindale for your amazing eye, fabulous taste and stellar talent – as always, it was a pure pleasure! And our food stylist, the lovely Rebecca Jurkevich not only whipped up some gorgeous, delicious pasta dishes, but also made a most delightful model, if we do say so, ourselves … thank you, all!

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Ngoc Minh Ngo’s book party

iphone photos: m&j

We were invited to a lovely event at the upper west side West Elm store to celebrate the publication of the super-talented Ngoc Minh Ngo’s gorgeous book, Bringing Nature Home (floral arrangements inspired by nature). And with arrangements by collaborator, Nicolette Owen of awe-inspiring Little Flower School fame abounding, it was a true feast for the eyes – thank you for the invite and for the wonderful inspiration, ladies – and what a glorious way to ring in the season!

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one more Alexia ad in print

photos: m&j food styling: Maggie Ruggiero prop & set styling: Theo Vamvounakis

The fourth of four of our Alexia print ads has cropped up in the latest/March issue of Saveur and we’re delighted to see the finished product – with hand-rendered typography and the pretty warm sweet potatoes with cool metals and yummy bar-b-que ketchup dip. Thank you again, Maggie and Theo for making these tasty little puffs so incredibly sophisticated and delicious!

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our champagne and oysters in Swedish

photos: m&j

The lovely Swedish magazine, HOOM, picked up our champagne & oysters story from the first of January – always fun to see their lovely art direction and our words translated!

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our Alexia ads in print

photos: m&j food styling: Maggie Ruggiero prop & set styling: Theo Vamvounakis

It’s been fun to see these ads all finished with hand-rendered typography, running in the likes of Saveur & Bon Appetit. Thank you Maggie and Theo for making these tasty little items so incredibly gorgeous and inventive!

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soft, morning light

photos: m&j

Upstate on a crisp, fall morning, the mist and morning dew became the loveliest diffusion for the rising sun. Perfection.

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Barry Lyndon

© Warner Bros. Pictures, 1975

This 1975 Stanley Kubrick masterpiece is still a feast for the eyes in every way. So lush, painterly and epic in it’s scope – it amazes us every time we view it. Of particular import, the genre changing scenes shot only with candlelight and a camera which Kubrick had specially rigged for the low light situations. Redmond Barry is indeed a cad, but the film is so incredibly gorgeous it will have you falling in love with everything that surrounds this unlikely protagonist in a way that surely even William Makepeace Thackeray would have applauded.

Kubrick camera rig article:

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vintage camera

photo: m&j

It’s amazing the way these “modern” machines were built nearly a century ago – they even folded up right inside their own attached leather cases – the beauty of form and function is quite evident to this day … What a stunning birthday gift – thank you, B!

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80 years of food photography

A group exhibition at the Robert Mann Gallery on West 24th Street with food shots from the likes of Irving Penn, Ansel Adams, Paulette Tavormina and Julie Blackmon … most inspiring! Through May 14th.

NYT Dining: Food loved by the camera

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bring on the clouds

photos: m&j

An article in the Science Times shed light on the rather adorable website for the cloud appreciation society as well as a new book by one of the charter members, entitled The Cloud Collector’s Handbook. It’s nice to learn about a group of people around the world who write poems about clouds and “cloud watch” the way other people bird watch. As two ladies who shoot with natural light, we love this natural diffusion in all it’s beautiful shapes and sizes …

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