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Marie Antoinette

© Columbia Pictures Corporation, 2006

Our constant obsession: Sofia Coppola’s 2006 retelling of the story of the fall of France’s iconic queen. Stunning in every way. Like the lives of the ill-fated 18th century ruling class, it is a feast for the eyes and a veritable acid trip for the feminine imagination. Our favorite sequence is the artfully shot and contrastingly natural world of Marie Antoinette’s Le Petit Trianon retreat. Though tragic – this movie is as sweet and delicious as a Ladurée macaroon!

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Marie-Antoinette-inspired pudding!

photos: m&j

For a live action piece, we literally shot vanilla panna cotta with lemon curd glaze and Turkish cotton candy topping to be styled as Marie Antoinette “hair” adorned with flowers, small pearls, sugared candies and velvet ribbons. The food and props styling of our dear Susie Theodorou and Christine Rudolf (respectively) were beyond stellar, as usual – and puddings have never been more fetching, if we do say so ourselves!

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mandj farm to table story

photos: m&j

Our 2010 farm to table photo story featured in HOOM, Sweden.

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