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Hidden Valley Ranch tv shoot snaps

photos: m&j

Another fun and delicious couple of shoot days with our friends at DDB, San Francisco. We were delighted to keep things on set a bit moody and textural and also were delighted to bring home the abundant left-overs of delectably pungent, aged stilton!

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Favorite Maine oysters

photos: Chris Ramirez for The New York Times

Glidden Point oysters – deep cups and briny, delicious flavor we love!

photos: m&j

At a recent trip to The Oyster Bar at Grand Central everyone at the table got the same tasting platter and we all tried each oyster in tandem – a really fun way to sample the season’s offerings – although, to our surprise, the Malpeques and Summersides did not make the group’s top four. Glidden Point, Deep Bay, East Beach and – new to us all – French Kiss oysters became our new list of favorites – each in it’s own way turgid, briny and perfectly delicious!

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the heirlooms are almost gone …

photos: m&j

Here’s to the last of the sweet, salty, succulent and amazing farmer’s market heirloom tomatoes … Yum!

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A Single Man

© The Weinstein Company, 2009

There should be an Oscar for best first time directing and Tom Ford should have won it in 2009 for this unbelievably sensitive and beyond lovely portrayal of a closeted, gay English professor grieving the loss of his partner in 1960’s Los Angeles. From the close-up of the rose outside Julianne Moores’ character’s stunning house, to the to the downy sweater on the young, baby chick-like student Colin Firth spends an evening with – every tactile and reserved nuance of this movie is drop dead gorgeous!

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Fatty Crab

Fun & casual west village spot where adventurous dining is encouraged. Our Fatty Crab menu standouts – Watermelon Pickle Crispy Pork, quail egg shooters and, of course, chili crab – yum!

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Brooklyn chickens

photos: Annie Novak

We love Eagle Street Rooftop Farm in Brooklyn and their sweet heirloom brooders.

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Babette’s Feast

© Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Inc, 1987

This 1987 classic which takes place in a remote Danish village on the coast of Jutland with it’s strict overall adherence to a blues, browns and grays is a study in bleak and subtle loveliness. The food scenes are a bit dated, but quite beautiful in their own way. The color palette and cinematography are still worth a second look!

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