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Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining

© Warner Brothers Entertainment, 1980

We don’t normally like to be scared out of our minds, but … if you are leaning that way this Halloween season, may we recommend a truly wonderful film classic with all the artful direction, cinematography, art direction and shot composition to keep cineastes like us glued to the imagery even when our instinct is to cover our eyes. Directed by the amazing Stanley Kubrick. With Cinematography by John Alcot, Production Design by Roy Walker, Art Direction by Les Tomkins and a truly horrifying story based on the novel by Stephen King. Yikes!

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apple picking

photos: m&j

A lovely and crisp fall day at Scholl’s orchard in Bethlehem, PA

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Bright Star

® Pathé Renn Productions, 2009

Constant obsession: Jane Campion’s awe-inspiring Bright Star. Again and again. With some of the most beautiful, soft and painterly moving photography we have ever seen – we will never tire of watching this one!

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Mary’s Fish Camp

photos1&2: Scott Gordon Bleicher  photo3: m&j

Everything here is delicious, but there is no better order than the original and ultimately classic lobster roll with giant chunks of super fresh lobster meat, a delicate sprinkling of fresh chives and traditional buttery toasted white bread bun. Other standouts: lobster pot pie, lobster knuckles, fish tacos, whole fish and salad specials, Island Creek oysters when available, key lime pie and outrageously perfect seasonal ice cream sundae (peppermint stick in winter and classic hot fudge in summer). Always worth the long wait- Mary’s Fish Camp does not take reservations, so we recommend arriving for dinner before they open at 6:00pm and cueing up in the line on Charles Street. Best seats in the house are at the near end of the counter with a perfect view into the well-oiled machine of a kitchen – Mary runs an impressively tight little ship!

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Danielle Drummond bowls

photo: m&j

Latest obsession: We love the wonderfully irregular, hand made Danielle Drummond pottery at abc carpet & home.

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iced cookies and araucana eggs

photos: m&j

Sometimes we just cannot believe how lucky we are to have the wonderful Union Square Farmer’s Market and all of its beauteous, local bounty just a mere two blocks away!

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Mccain Pizza tv shoot snaps

photos: m&j

The natural light spilling onto this rustic farm table made our hearts full and our eyes happy!

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