abc kitchen

photos: 1 Hannah Whitaker, 2 m&j, 3 Evan Sung, 4 Antoinette Bruno, 5 6 m&j & 7

Constant obsession: The scallops ceviche with green peppers, lemon juice and hyssop flowers at ABC Kitchen. The mushroom & parmesan pizza with an egg in the center is equally out of this world, as are so many of the unique and artfully prepared dishes here – we’ve never tasted anything like this in our lives! When it comes to this Flatiron fave, we love the food, love the décor (down to every tiny antique and handmade modern tabletop detail and tiny floral arrangement!) and particularly love the whole locavore philosophy. We’ve been coming here every excuse we get since it opened last Spring and will continue to do so for the wonderful, seasonal and new experience each visit brings! ABC Kitchen starts taking dinner reservations one month in advance. tip: you can usually skip the wait and the trouble by arriving unfashionably early as a 5:30pm walk-in.

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  1. Lila said

    Thanks for the tip for avoiding the wait at ABC Kitchen. I can’t wait to try it!

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