french antique knives

photos: m&j

Recent obsession: 19th century, hand-forged, carbon steel chef’s knives from France.

The knife lady, Margery Cohen, sets up her booth at Chelsea Market on most Saturdays and Wednesdays from noon to 6pm. We went this weekend to drop off an assortment of absurdly dull J. A. Henkels, Wüsthofs and a Calphalon Santoku along with some tried and true no namers to attempt to get them back in chef shape. We brought them bubble wrapped inside a metal poker chip case that looked very James Bond-y to us. The knife lady said they’d be ready in an hour, so we shopped around and ate some delicious lobster rolls at The Lobster Place. And, lo and behold, 40 minutes later she called out, “Chip!” (“chip” was for the poker chip case, we guess) and the knives were ready. We are happy to report that the blades are gliding through fruit, vegetables, cheeses and fish with the greatest of ease now. Check the Samurai Sharpening Service website to make sure Margery’s in town when you need her …


  1. Margaret and Joy,

    Thanks for the posting about Samurai Sharpening Service. Lovely photos,Love your style.


    • You are so welcome, Margery – it was our pleasure! Thanks for the super sharp knives ans so pleased you like the blog, m&j

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