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traditional British marmalades

photos: m&j

A gift sampler of orange marmalades with great names like “Old English Hunt” and “Sicilian Blood Orange (Medium Cut)” from Fortnum & Mason, London – what a special treat for our morning toast!

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postcards from Provence

Our constant obsession: Julian Merrow-Smith makes our day nearly every day with his beautiful oil paintings fresh from his French countryside easel (and pantry) to our inboxes each afternoon. Our personal favorites: the food still lifes, of course.

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soups on!

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In today’s New York Times Magazine, Mark Bittman shares a dozen different recipes for spicing up your basic vegetable soup. Try varying between creamy, brothy, earth and hearty combinations – to keep things warm and interesting while there’s still a chill in the air!

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The Parallax View

© Doubleday Productions, 1974

This 1974 stunner starring Warren Beatty and beautifully shot by Alan J. Pakula with cinematography by the amazing Gordon Willis is an exercise in confident reserve with its artfully composed wide lock-offs and just all-around gorgeous, modern moving photography – not to mention the fact that Mr. Beatty is at his hottest prime – very entertaining!

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Matsugen closing


Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s excellent high-end Japanese restaurant in Tribeca, is closing this month. We are so sad to see this delicious soba palace go!

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Foodcrafters on the cooking channel – with featured foodies like Laloo’s super locavore goat’s milk ice cream, based in Petaluma, CA – yummm!

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lovely vegetarian recipes

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Food 52’s Meatless Monday vegetarian and vegan recipes are just wonderful – thank you Amanda and Merrill!

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