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MilkMade summer flavor of the month!

photos: m&j

Our July custom flavor arrived from MilkMade last week – a delicious summery mixture of freshly picked, ripe strawberries from Red Jacket Orchards in the Fingerlakes Region and handmade shortbread from Scratchbread in Brooklyn – made from super special ingredients like Plugra butter and organic free-range eggs. Having this “strawberry shortcake” ice cream freshly churned to order and delivered right to our door is such a special and seasonal treat – as always, thank you, Diana & Co!

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farm fresh strawberries!

photos: m&j

The local strawberry season went by so fast it seemed to only last a few weeks this summer, but we did our best to enjoy every fragrant drop of sweet, tart, juicy deliciousness we could squeeze out of it!

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gourmet lobster roll delivery!

When you can’t get to the lobster roll, sometimes the lobster roll has got to come to you. In this case it was J’s birthday and we had a lot of work to do. But what better way to celebrate while test shooting our way through lunch than by working our way through two succulent, sweet and delicious lobster rolls, delivered with care and all the trimmings from our friends at BLT Fish around the corner on 17th Street? None we can think of – except getting interviewed about it all by Joanna Hawley (aka the Lunch Lady) at the wonderful blog Oh, Joy Eats!

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fresh chamomile flowers

photos: m&j

Beautiful in a wild, unstructured bouquet and wonderful to dry and make your own soothing tea infusion when the delicate blooms start to fade – just lovely all around!

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vintage mini tins and pans

photo: m&j

recent obsession: anything tiny, old and metal with a great patina like these wonderful, diminutive tartlette tins and little ramekins that show every bit of their age and will look so amazing on film!

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tiny, wild blackberries

photos: m&j

Diminutive in size, but packed with flavor – these hand picked, aubergine, little treasures were a delight to eat on our cereal and by the handful. We should have baked a lovely tartlet, but they were so sweet, delicate and deliciously complex that by the time we thought of it, they were all gone!

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a little foraging in the woods

photos: m&j

We know summer has really set in when our favorite brambles at Fairview Lake begin to get heavy with sweet, dark berries – yum!

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