fresh chamomile flowers

photos: m&j

Beautiful in a wild, unstructured bouquet and wonderful to dry and make your own soothing tea infusion when the delicate blooms start to fade – just lovely all around!


  1. Judy Westwood said

    I had never known what chamomile looked like.
    It looks like a daisy.

    I carried daisies on my wedding day, a Woodstock wedding in a one room school house.
    I wanted the blue corn flowers by the side of the road but they die quickly when you pick them.

    • They do look like daisies, just a lot smaller (each flower is only about 1/4″ in diameter). The daisies and one room school house both sound incredibly charming, as do the blue cornflowers – we both just love those, too!

  2. Haley said

    I had my first wild chamomile encounter a couple weeks ago in the adirondacks. The smell was overwhelmingly beautiful.

    I took a photo, it’s right in the middle of this post

    Your photos are so inspiring.

  3. Thank you, Haley – loved your photos, as well!

  4. Max Merelli said

    Absolutely gorgeous photos, ladies, as always. Makes me want to run out and brew a nice cuppa tea… or run through a field of wild camomile. Or.. maybe both!

  5. Tova said

    Just stumbled across your blog from your interview on “Oh Joy!”. I absolutely love your whole aesthetic! It makes me nostalgic for the East Coast, in a good way.

  6. I adore your style and your beautiful photos! I discovered your blog thanks to tumblr – it’s very inspiring and smooth – just love it!

  7. bschlegel said

    Found your site via the MilkMade blog. Beautiful photography. Would love to do a feature on your awesome ice cream photos on if you are interested at any point!

    • Sure, Bethany – thank you for your kind words! We’re just about to post some a new MilkMade entry – let’s discuss …

  8. terry lynne said

    I really want to have chamomile for my wedding bouquet and centerpeices. Do you know where i can find it? I live in Indiana and have a May 19th wedding.

    • Hello, Terry Lynne – the chamomile as centerpieces and bouquet is a lovely idea! The flower is easily grown, but the season is short. Probably best to start inquiring locally now and if not available in mid May, perhaps you can grow or convince someone with a greenhouse to grow some for you. Fortunately, the plants are hearty and relatively inexpensive. Best of luck and congratulations!

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