a lesson in garlic growing

photos: Rick Scibelli Jr. for the New York TImes

Anne Raver’s New York Times article about garlic farmers in Dixon, NM is anything but a rural, back country tale. Stanley and Rose Mary Crawford met in on the Isle of Crete in 1967. She was a journalist and he a novelist. The two fell in love with each other and imagery their painter friend was working on for the then about to be published Whole Earth Catalogue. The two moved to Ireland to tumultuous 1969 San Francisco and finally ended up in the exotic farmland of New Mexico with their budding family where they’ve been settled for decades outside Santa Fe at El Bosque Garlic Farm. The Crawfords have also become experts (and, in the case of Mr. Crawford’s book, “A Garlic Testament: Seasons on a Small New Mexico Farm” a literary authority, as well) on all things garlic. They grow a multitude of varieties, including the gorgeous soft-neck Asian variety called Turban Chengdu with papery white skin striped with purple and have developed planting, fertilizing and cultivating methods that are used all over the globe. Anyone interested in this pungent bulb once worshipped by the Ancient Egyptians should take note.

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