Jane Eyre

© Focus Features, 2011

We’re still not quite sure how we missed this one last spring (as it is right up both of our romantic as well as cinematographic alleys) but Cary Fukenaga’s 2011 version of the Brontë classic, Jane Eyre, is a stunning, naturally lit film with all the darkness and mystery that the original Gothic novel emanates – with the lovely Mia Wasikowska as Jane, Michael Fassbinder as the dark and mysterious Rochester and a wonderful as always Dame Judy Dench as Mrs. Fairfax. Fukenaga opted for a dark and foggy palate, using candle light for some gorgeous Barry Lyndonesque scenes that truly deliver. With lots of deep blues and browns and some dawn and dusk shooting in and around Thornfield Manor location that will take your breath away – this remake is destined to become a classic. With Cinematography by Adriano Goldman, Art Direction by Karl Probert and Set Decoration by Tina Jones – thanks for the great reco, Kim!


  1. josephine said

    LOVED this adaptation, too. The cinematography really stood out for me. My favorite scene was when she was looking after Rochester’s “friend” and checked to see if someone was hiding behind the curtain. The way the scene was set up really heightened the suspense.

    • Totally agree – great cinematography and suspense are such a winning combination and that scene with the curtain was executed just perfectly!

  2. Judy Westwood said

    I am another huge fan of this adaptation for all the reasons you have stated. Just gorgeous.
    When I was in Yorkshire I made a point of going to the Bronte Parsonage, which is now a museum and it was worth the stop. My husband thought it would be boring but he loved it as well. Behind a glass case are all these tiny tiny hand written books that the sisters wrote when they were children. Amazing.

  3. Susie said

    I recently “discovered” this one too. Not sure how I missed it. My husband somewhat reluctantly watched it with me recently (it was my night to pick, not his!) and he loved it too. It’s beautifully done all around.

    • Ditto for the husbands – so beautiful, but definitely dark enough to hold their attention, too!

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