Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream taste test

photos: m&j

What do you get the guy that has everything (Dad)? How about a delectable assortment of inventive, seasonal frozen concoctions packed on dry ice and shipped right to the door in St. Michael’s from Jeni’s. We ordered an assortment of five flavors: peach buttermilk, goat cheese with red cherries, queen city chocolate cayenne, salty caramel and sweet corn and black raspberries. And then did a taste test around the dining table with all nine family members, ages 7 to 76 and found that the dark horse, goat cheese with red cherries was the long shot unanimous winner with peach buttermilk coming in a close second and sweet corn and black raspberries third … the seasonal/fruity combinations definitely won out in our family. But all flavors were unanimously beloved and gobbled up by all – we cannot recommend Jeni’s ice cream or the family taste test enough and will make it a family birthday tradition from now on!


  1. Tristan G. Sheridan said

    I am salivating as I read this. You two know how to live 🙂

    • Thank you, dear friend – you are pretty good at this stuff, yourself! xo, m&j

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