a 26-year-old work of art

photos of journal: m&j, Illustration and all artwork: Marvin Davis

This gorgeous treasure of a journal from an Italy trip taken in November, 1985, belongs to our dear and fabulous foodie friends, Marvin and Cathie. We can only imagine what a grand adventure they took – in the Henry James style – one that allowed them to eat at all the finest restaurants that Rome, Venice, Tuscany and Milan had to offer, while still reserving the precious time to relax, sip wine, sketch and just do nothing and “be” the Italian way. Marvin, your drawings are beautiful and the two of you are our culinary adventure heroes!


  1. This morning our new name is Cathie, Marvin & Joy.

    We find the posting enthralling, Did I do these? Did we do that? Oh my!

    Margaret and Joy we are so appreciative of this wonderful honor.

    Possibly but unlikely The Italian Tourist Bureau will take heed and invite us to update a 2011 Scrapbook. With Italy in it’s present upheaval, little chance!

  2. Marvin – thank you so much for sending us the beautiful journal – shooting and writing about it was our complete pleasure!

  3. Gabriella Matus said

    I happen to be lucky enough to have seen the actual journal, so I can say with authority that you women have totally done it justice. Such beautiful work of such beautiful work – work so totally seems the wrong word!

    • Thank you, G – it was so much fun to imagine that trip through Marvin’s art – we could almost taste it! xo

  4. Oh my goodness, these are stunning (the photos and the drawings). I studied in Florence in college, and I fondly remember sitting on a bridge parallel to the Ponte Vecchio with my best friend — glasses of red wine in hand — while we sketched a beautiful sunset over the Arno. After seeing these photos I’m going to have to go dig out that old journal. It doesn’t hold a candle to these, but it will give me a good smile.

    Thanks for sharing!!

    • Dixie – thank you for your wonderful comment! Marvin’s drawings were so inspiring to us, as well and brought back a trove of lovely Italian vacation memories for each of us 🙂

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