Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood

© Universal Studios, 2010

Though this “action” film is not within our usual milieu (and, admittedly, there were a few too many fatal and gory stabs to the neck for our taste), it was quite a beautiful example of gorgeous art direction and cinematography with a constant study of warms and cools, browns and blues and really lovely costume and set design. Beautifully crafted and a nicely told prelude to the well-known story. Mr. Scot does a bang up job with this stunning material. We particularly enjoyed the straw strewn across all the stone floors of the dilapidated Loxley Manor in Nottingham – beautiful, textural touch! With Russel Crowe, Cate Blanchette, Max von Sydow, William Hurt and Eileen Atkins, cinematography by John Mathieson, set decoration by Sonja Klaus and Costume Design by Jany Yates. Not an absolute “must see” in the m&j lexicon, but a great opportunity for much loveliness to focus on whilst your man/movie watching partner enjoys some good, old fashioned dude fighting and historical action drama. The film opened to mixed reviews last year and, we feel, has been unjustly underrated.


  1. Susan Viola said

    Many thanks for beautiful words and photography on the 11.11.11 cupcakes we were delighted to produce for you. Your site is amazing!

    Best wishes,

    Susan Viola
    Inatteso Cafe

    • Thank you so much for the kind words about the blog, Susan – our pure pleasure & we absolutely loved the cupcakes and so did everyone at the party! m&j

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