the gift of cranberry orange sauce

photos: m&j

Okay, so neither of us actually cooked a Turkey this Thanksgiving. It has been done, but this year a) we were, fortunately, quite busy and b) we were invited elsewhere as guests. But that didn’t stop us from bringing some delicious sides (Brussels sprouts with horseradish sauce a la The Dutch, anyone?), fabulous cheeses (the La Tur and St. Agur lasted about as long as the first glass of champagne) and our favorite cranberry orange sauce – a super tasty and simple recipe that makes a great holiday host/hostess gift and beats the heck out of that can-shaped cranberry flavored thing!


  1. Wiley Forster said

    Oh so stunning! I just love the beautiful photos, ladies, but I also love the recipe! What a great idea to add the cloves – I’m going to use the recipe when I make cranberries for our Christmas dinner! I’ll let you know how it all comes out. Thanks again m&j!

    • Thank you, Wiley – please do let us know how it turns out and happy saucing!

  2. Gabriella Matus said

    I brought a similar concoction but without the clove and cinnamon – of course! What was I thinking. Another great thing about this is according to epicurious, it will last in the fridge for three months. I will adorn many a traditional Sunday roast chicken at the Matus household in the weeks to come… Most importantly, beautiful photography!

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