Christmas in Connecticut

© Warner Brothers Pictures, 1945

This 1945 Warner Brother’s Picture is a real charmer, starring Barbara Stanwyk as a very single bachelorette food writer living in a New York City apartment. Her character can barely boil water, but somehow manages to steal ideas from her restaurant chef friend (played by the wonderful S.Z. Sakall) in order to write a popular Martha Stewart-esque column about being the “perfect suburban housewife.” She finally ends up getting trapped her in her own web at Christmastime when she must try to cover her deception after her boss and a coincidentally devilishly handsome returning war hero invite themselves to her “home” in Connecticut for a traditional family Christmas. She’s forced to fake her way through being a super mom, super chef and all around country homemaker to keep her job and the man of her dreams who has, of course, suddenly appeared, Hollywood-style, on her pretend Connecticut doorstep – super adorable holiday-fare!


  1. One of my mother’s (born in 1946) favorite Christmas movies, and it’s become one of mine now too. Simply adorable. 🙂

    • It really is such a cute one – we’re glad to hear you and your mom are both fans! Thanks for the note and Happy New Year to you, Christina 🙂

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