home made fluffernutters!

photos: m&j

The toasted meringue frosted cake got us thinking about swell childhood sweet treats. And the pillow-y pile of left-over meringue we had in our mixer gave us yet another idea from childhood, only slightly improved upon – fluffernutters with real, fresh marshmallow meringue and crunchy organic peanut butter – yum! This salty/sweet concoction still pleases grown-ups and kids alike, especially with the crusts cut off, thank you very much.


  1. Oh my lord, what utterly inspiring photography. SO pretty – your lighting is just perfect.

    • Thank you so much – we do really appreciate your kind words and enthusiasm & we also really love what we do!

  2. Judy Westwood said

    I haven’t commented much lately but want you both to know that I am so cheered up on the days that I find Margaretandjoy in my inbox!

    Your food stories and pictures make me very happy.

    I have been scolding my partner at work for packing fluffernutters for lunch for both her 6 year old daughter and herself! I am going to point her to this, the healthy version although I doubt she’ll leave her Peter Pan and that stuff in a jar with the blue label!

    Thanks for all your beauty and fun!

  3. Judy, we’re so happy to hear from you – we’ve missed you! Glad you are still tuning in and that you like the fluff! Hope all is great with you and yours & xo

  4. Wiley Forster said

    I loved a good fluffernutter sandwich growing up (and okay, maybe occasionally as an adult!) but they certainly never looked that that! Absolutely Fab, as my mum used to say. Gorgeous as ever, ladies. – as ever, Wiley

    • Thank you so much, Wiley – always happy to hear a grown man enjoying his fluff and thank you for the lovely compliments!

  5. Those look delicious! What beautiful pictures you take of your food too…gorgeous and so professional!

  6. Candace Gelman said

    The photos are truly amazing. I love the way you both tell the story. 🙂

    • Very much appreciated, Candace – this one was a fun one to tell and to taste! Many thanks for weighing in, m&j

  7. M. said

    Oh !! Your blog is so , so beautiful …

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