our Alexia ads in print

photos: m&j food styling: Maggie Ruggiero prop & set styling: Theo Vamvounakis

It’s been fun to see these ads all finished with hand-rendered typography, running in the likes of Saveur & Bon Appetit. Thank you Maggie and Theo for making these tasty little items so incredibly gorgeous and inventive!


  1. Lila Elman said

    mmmmm, yum! and so pretty! i want to eat all of that! right now!

  2. Thank you! The potatoes and dips were quite delicious 😉

  3. Oh, I have been admiring those ads! Such great design, and of course a perfect match of your team’s talents to the project. I wish more food clients would see the beauty of taking an editorial approach in their ads. Congratulations, they are wonderful pieces!


    • Thank you so much, Paula – we’re so glad you’ve noticed and been enjoying the ads! We really appreciate your comments and feel very lucky to have clients with such great taste. They were absolutely wonderful to work with!

  4. kelly colchin said

    YAY! I have been so excited to see them running as well. Such a fun project to work on with you ladies.

    • Yay! So nice to hear from you, Kelly! We just love the way the ads turned out and have been getting such great responses. You did a fantastic job with the type and design and we were so pleased. And of course, big congratulations to you and yours. We worked with Natalie last week and asked her to give you a big hug from us when she’s out your way!

  5. Candace Gelman said

    Great ads and Great work. congrats! Love it!

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