Happy Valentine’s Day!

photos: m&j

As usual, the Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain comes through with their own special heart-shaped valentine cookie that’s rich, crunchy and not at all too sweet, as well as fudge bars, blood orange truffles and adorably soft, sweet & cute, handmade Sweater Toys (made out of recycled sweaters – ours is named “Pierre”!) just in time for February 14th and, not surprisingly, just so perfect – happy, happy!


  1. Alice Elman said

    Love the old-fashioned valentines and the bite taken out of the cookie….

    • Thanks, Alice – those vintage/antique cards have been collected over years of flea marketing. The bite was spontaneous and delicious!

  2. JJ Wilmoth said

    I think Pierre may need to come live at my house! I also got a vintage valentine card and some chocolates from Li-Lac. I think you would like both! great v-day post. thank you!

    • Thanks so much! Pierre is pretty darned cute & LOVE those Li-lac chocolates! xoxo

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