brunch at The Spotted Pig

photos: m&j

As if our love of all things pig/piglet isn’t enough – this West Village favorite does not disappoint on any level. If you can bare the line at The Spotted Pig (with no reservations accepted) on a Sunday, April Bloomfield’s brunch is a gastro delight to behold – from the French press coffee and superb Bloody Mary with seasoned sea salt and pickled veggies to the deviled eggs and chicken liver toast “bar snacks” to the superb entrees like French toast with bananas & bourbon syrup, fried duck egg with sautéed ramps & anchovy dressing, char grilled burger with Roquefort cheese & shoestring fries, grilled cheese sandwich with onion marmalade & mustard, fluffy frittata with ricotta, ramps & nettles (yes, these are, indeed, the burr/thistles that get stuck on your socks when you’re hiking), arugula salad with house smoked trout, pickled onions & peppery créme fraiche dressing. Finishing up with a ginger cake & freshly whipped cream and a much needed walking tour of West Village flora sets the Sunday mood just right.


  1. Lila said

    Your photos make the food look even tastier that it does in real life!

  2. Alice Elman said

    Fabulous images–Makes me feel as if I were there with you!

  3. artie said

    I’m getting real hungry now!!!!

    • Have you been? If no, you will absolutely LOVE this one! If yes, let’s for sure all go next time you’re in town xoxo

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