photos: m&j

It’s been too long since the last time we walked across the beautiful Brooklyn bridge for pizza at the legendary Grimaldi’s (since before both kids were walking, actually!). The bridge was as lovely as ever – framed with purple flowering trees on the Brooklyn side that seemed to underscore a phenomenal spring day. We got mango “flowers” on sticks as our appetizers on the way over, which added to the otherworldliness of Brooklyn on one of the season’s first really warm days with everything fully laden and bursting with blooms. And we’re pleased to report that Grimaldi’s is as good as ever in its new digs down the street – perhaps even better. The crispy coal-fired brick oven crust with its giant, delicate air bubbles rivals the best Roman fare. The guys in the kitchen – like dancers – move in prefect harmony as they pat, sprinkle and toss. And the coal fired brick oven is like an amusement park ride for foodies (the first coal fired brick oven in America was at Grimaldi’s, back in 1905, and today, this kind of cooking is truly a dying art). They moved down the block to their new space a few months ago (with barely a down day in between) and the new high ceilings, giant windows and tons of natural light really set the stage for the pizza cooking show for all patrons to see. It doesn’t hurt that the new merry-go-round is right around the corner, overlooking the water. And the fact that we got to take the ferry back to Wall street was a real cherry on top of a great weekend day for all that attended, especially those 5 and under! NO CREDIT CARDS – NO RESERVATIONS – NO SLICES – NO DELIVERY and worth every minute of the 45 min wait with two hungry kids.


  1. Lila said

    I can’t believe how much Libby and Cece have grown – I’m WAY overdue for a visit, Joy!

  2. artie said

    Sounds like a perfect day! Quite an edition M&J. I’m very very hungry! Love, Artie

  3. Thanks, Art – coming from you that is high praise! xoxo

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