The Breslin

photos: m&j  & The Breslin

What a great place to spend one’s seventh wedding anniversary! For absolutely delicious food and that casual vibe that we were so in the mood for – the Breslin delivered in spades. We began with some sea salt & black pepper crisps and  cask conditioned ales, a lovely seafood sausage with beurre blanc & chives and a citrus salad with herbs, delicate butter lettuces and crunchy little quinoa bits (!) and crème fraiche that excited the palate and was just so refreshing and, frankly quite a welcome and pleasant surprise at this Anglican monument to all things meat in the lobby of the Ace Hotel! We shared a savory Vinegared poussin with grilled onions, wild ramps and romesco and pan roasted dourade with beer steamed cockles, beans & monk’s beard and a side of spigarello with anchovy & chili – yum! And finished it all off with some tepid coffee (not so yum) and a delicate creamsicle sundae pudding that more than made up for the slight coffee impropriety – sweet, pink cara cara orange, yogurt sorbet, crushed meringue, candied ginger and lemon – a traditional fool turned on it’s head, if you will. Quite a lovely dinner & Happy Anniversary, my dearest!! xoxo


  1. artie said

    This was the place we missed out out on our last trip to The Holy Land (NYC). It will be on the list for next time. Sounds delicious! Art

    • It sure was and hope we can be there with you to sample next time you’re in town!

  2. artie said

    Funny you should say that! Mid July… The wheels are in motion!

    • That is just fantastic, Art! Some highly anticipated gatherings in our near future – yay!!! xoxo

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