simple crowd pleaser dessert

photos: m&j

A recent foray deep into the world of Häagen-Dazs has given us a whole new appreciation for the confectioner’s handiwork (not that we didn’t already each have a few pints of the stuff on hand in our freezers at all times, anyway). But they really do offer some truly perfect dessert items – like their milk chocolate covered vanilla ice cream bars. If you’re a milk chocolate person, nothing is better. For a fun and effortless dessert, consider whipping out a box of these and serving one to each guest with a shot of bourbon – we prefer Blanton’s. It’s a nice individual treat and the whiskey warms the body up when it must eat ice cream during these occasionally chilly & damp spring nights (which we must).


  1. […] I want to host a party just so I can serve Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream Bars alongside really good Bourbon. I’m already […]

    • We enjoyed and thoroughly recommend it!

    • Hi, Dixie – your comment got cut off, but would love to hear more about your party! Thanks for the comment and all best, m&j

  2. […] finished until you sample something sweet, and in this case the dessert should be quick and easy. Häagen-Dazs ice cream bars + bourbon went over well at our last party, but strawberry sorbet or homemade chocolate chip cookies would be […]

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