French breakfast radishes

photos: m&j

Spicy, light, delicious, but also a little bit decadent and such an easy and sophisticated accompaniment to cocktails before a meal – these French breakfast radishes are super crunchy with just the right amount of kick. The butter is unsalted and softened overnight before it is potted. And the sea salt is hand-harvested from Jacobsen, of course (thanks again, JJ, for the great gift and also for reminding us of this fab serving suggestion)!


  1. foodmuses said

    We love these radishes…can’t wait until they get to the Farmers Market in CO.

    • We so love them, too – aren’t they just delicious? Hope you get to enjoy them in CO! Thanks so much for your comment, m&j

  2. Judy Westwood said

    These are showing up at our farmers market and what a great serving idea! With cocktails! Of course! Why didn’t I think of that?! (that JJ knows her cocktail fare!)
    As always….love your blog!

    • Yes, they are quite delicious – she is good – that JJ! Thanks, as always, for your lovely comments, Judy – hope you enjoy your radishes xo, m&j

  3. Wiley Forrester said

    The butter and salt cut through that wonderful bitter bite of the radish beautifully. I just adore this combination – and it will surely grace the tray at my next cocktail party. Thanks, ladies!

    • You are so welcome, Wiley. Thank you for your kind words and best of luck with your upcoming soiree! Best, m&j

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