lilacs and lilies

photos: m&j

This oddly early and overly warm spring has our favorite posies coming at us all at once and in full force – and almost an entire month sooner than usual! Heady, inspirational and almost overwhelming to those of us who may, indeed, have been bumble bees in another life (as Mr. Elliott likes to say). Thank you, dear Barb for sharing these gorgeous blooms from your lovely garden – we can’t imagine a more appreciated or a more beloved gift!


  1. Love those photos! They’ve got such lovely summer feeling! Here in Sweden we’ll have to wait another two or three weeks for that to happen… But good things come to those who wait 😉

    • So true, Sonja – but honestly, we’d love to wait a bit longer for all the lovely produce and flowers that are coming to us here in the Eastern United States so early this year. The climate has, unfortunately, gone a bit crazy and that makes us sad. But we must still enjoy these gorgeous flowers – whenever they bloom! Best, m&j

  2. Wiley Forrester said

    The lilacs are so lovely – one of my favorite nosegays (and that sweet milk pitcher so reminds me of my mum!) Wiley X

    • They say that scent can be one of the strongest memory producers. And, in our opinion, no heady bloom is more evocative than the lilac – hope you go out and get yourself some to enjoy, Wiley! xo, m&j

  3. patsy elliott said

    great photos! i tried cutting and bring in some lilacs, but they didn’t last long – is there a trick to keeping them cut inside longer? keep me up on all your good stuff. pfe

    • Hello and thank you for your comment, Patsy! Yes. There are a few “tricks” for keeping cut lilacs: 1) cut the stems on an angle and either crush the ends every other day or cut an “x” into the bottom of each, so they can soak up a maximum of water into their woody stems 2) use cool or cold water 3) keep them out of the sun and in a cool spot 4) if at all possible, put the arrangement into a nice cool refrigerator to keep it fresh when you’re not around to enjoy it. Okay, lilacs are very high-maintenance and picky, but they are so worth it, aren’t they? Best of luck and happy cutting! xo, m&j

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