a private tour of Satur Farms

photos: m&j

We’ve been buying beautiful, local greens from Satur Farms on the North Fork of Long Island for years. And we were recently honored with the special treat of an impromptu early Saturday morning farm tour with owner, Eberhard Müller – the retired Chef and co-founder of the famed New York Times Four-Star-rated restaurant, Le Bernardin (he’s also been part of an impressive group of other extremely notable establishments, including Lutece and three-Michelin star awarded, L’Archestrate in Paris). Needless to say, Müller has exceedingly high standards in whatever he does, and every seedling, every leaf he and his wife, Paulette Satur grow at the pristine Farm is pure perfection. To our delight, our private tour took place during the height of chive flower season. The farm also grows a myriad of specialty salads, leafy vegetables, heirloom tomatoes, root vegetables and herbs which naturally find their way into New York restaurant kitchens the likes of Per Se. Müller and Satur are committed to sustainable farming every step of the way. We were already big fans, but let’s just say now we are hooked!


  1. Zia O'Hara said

    So beautiful…I visited this farm years ago for a Martha Stewart story with Chris Baker. Even prettier than I remember.

    • Thank you, Zia – it really is such a stunning operation and lovely photo subject, particularly this time of year. And we do so appreciate your kind words 🙂

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