eggs delivered fresh from the farm

photos: m&j

How lucky are we to have a couple dozen of these gorgeous chicken and guinea eggs delivered to our studio, fresh from Jaime and Jenna Lamond’s farm Upstate in Philmont, New York? Very lucky, indeed! The conventional eggs are from a mixed flock of New Hampshire Reds, Golden and Silver Laced Wyandottes, Barred Rocks and Ameraucanas. The smaller, pointier eggs are from White and French Pearl guinea fowl – a wonderful breed of layer that is a little less tame than your average chicken, but prized for their rich, little (high yolk to white ratio) eggs and their tick controlling abilities, as well as their slightly wilder brooding habits. Jaime says his guinea hens occasionally use the laying boxes in the coop with the chickens, but mostly tend to lay in clutches in high weeds or in the multiflora rose bushes that grow all around their farm. Jaime says, “I’ll hear them doing their laying call out far away from the coop, and then we’ll have to stamp around in the thorns looking for the nest.” The ones we were fortunate enough to have delivered came from a clutch he found last Sunday behind the woodshed. So incredibly charming – a hen that enjoys smelling the roses is a hen we can relate to! Thank you so much, Jaime for this amazing late spring, farm-fresh treat.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous eggs and you’ve made them look like art in your photos! I love eggs and how they can be used for pretty much anything – or just as they are. I could probably live solely on eggs 😉

    • Hi, Sonja – the eggs were such a wonderful gift and thank you so much for your nice comment. So glad you enjoyed the photos … stay tuned for some cooked/poached guinea fowl egg shots to be posted next week – they were so rich and delicious. Have you ever tried them? Quite different than the our ordinary chicken eggs …

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