First Position

© Sundance Selects, 2011

An awesome documentary that follows a group of young ballet dancers from around the world, as they prepare for a competition in New York City where they can win coveted dance scholarships and a chance to follow their dream of becoming part of a ballet company. We cried tears of joy multiple times whilst watching this gem and think it best not to give away any details for fear of ruining the experience for those who have not yet seen it. With outstanding film editing by Kate Amend and Bess Kargman – the youngsters in this movie will steal your heart and have you giving standing ovations in your own living room! Currently in theatres, as well as available on demand.


  1. kate1011 said

    I just saw the trailer for this movie and immediately wanted to watch the entire thing. I’m intrigued by what we will do to do what we are the most passionate about, and what a parent will allow to allow a dream to come true.
    I quit ballet in high school because I could not continue to abuse my body, but also simply because I wanted to go to my senior prom.
    Can’t wait to see this!

    • Hi, Kate – film and especially edit was really well done & think you will enjoy it!

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