May Supper Club!

photos: m&j

On the evening of May 17th, we joined our new friends at the wonderful Haven’s Kitchen, as well as our beloved, old friends (and some friends we, delightfully, had yet to meet) to celebrate the sustainable, seasonal, local and truly world famously amazing food of extremely recent (this very month!) James Beard award winning “Best Chef” – Chef Michael Anthony of the famed Gramercy Tavern, as well as the very special birthday of our dearest pal, Mr. John McGinn. And what a fabulously delicious, festive, heart-warming, unique and inspiring evening it was!  Can each Haven’s Kitchen Supper Club possibly continue to be this special and magical? If we’ve learned anything at all from our experience here, we are thinking “absolutely!” If there is such a thing as a dinner party fairy, she has sprinkled her magic dust on this place – the exceptional food and wine pairings are guaranteed to delight the most buzz-killing food & wine snobs, and yet, the vibe is just about the most relaxed and congenial we have ever experienced – let the good times roll!

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