freshly foraged morels!

photos: m&j

We’ve been so excited to order our freshly foraged morels ever since we first read about Earthy Delights  – the wonderful wild harvested/foraged food company out of Michigan – back in March. And have been anxiously awaiting both morel season and a coinciding break in our work schedule to plan a shipment of wild fungi/cooking day. And the experience was a blast from the moment we started talking mushrooms with Chef David and Stefanie at They told us that, because of all the crazy weather we’ve had this year, the blondes had peaked a few weeks early (sad!), but that we were just hitting peak black morel season now and that they were hoping to get a really tip top shipment of freshly foraged mushrooms within the next 24 hours and that we should call him the following afternoon to discuss. This is our type of detail – happiness from the get-go. And just look at these stunners – with wrinkly little honeycomb structures that conjure up ancient civilizations, the French countryside and even elves, if we’re completely honest. We’re planning to make a simple vegetarian dish with fresh asparagus and butter and just enjoy the pure love of this oh-so-special taste. We recommend you do the same – hopefully, Earthy Delights will still have a few left for you!


  1. Alice Elman said

    Never having stalked the wild morel, this was the first time I laid eyes on this honeycomb wonder. Thanks for sharing your bounty with us Margaret. Bob soaked the morels in water till soft, then sliced and sauteed them in butter. We ate them on toasted french bread for breakfast and lunch and breakfast and lunch….xoxo alice

  2. So glad you enjoyed them – they are pretty amazing!

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