poached guinea eggs and pea shoots

photos: m&j

Our farmer friend, Jaime Lamond’s White and French Pearl guinea hen eggs were a fabulous treat, poached (perfectly – thank you, Amanda Hesser and your awesome youtube video) on toasted Eli’s Health Bread and served over fresh, flowering pea shoots. As mentioned in our earlier post, the diminutive eggs have a high yolk to white ratio and very hard shells (you really have to give them quite a little whack). But once you break through to the golden richness inside, the rewards are plenty! Always check eggs by submerging in a large bowl of water: if they stay at the bottom and don’t float up, they are fresh and good to be enjoyed. Thanks again, Jaime, for these truly special and super delicious, little brunch stars!


  1. nani said

    i just love your pictures! They are so beautiful.

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment – it is most appreciated! Thanks so much for your support, m&j

  2. Yvette said

    Beautiful and inspiring! Thank you!

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