Good-bye, Nora Ephron

Having been huge fans of her work pretty much since her work first began, we are taking the passing of Nora Ephron pretty hard. From Heartburn to Silkwood to Harry & Sally to This Is My Life to the amazing Julie and Julia to Love, Loss, and What I Wore – we were captivated, charmed, obsessed and inspired by her poignant, witty writing and subsequent directing and playwriting. Our friend and collaborator, the wonderful food stylist, Susan Spungen (of Julie and Julia provenance, pictured above with her French onion soup) was with us on set the day the news of Ms. Ephron’s passing broke. And she shared a story of the two of them first bonding over a coconut layer cake that Susan had done for an early cover of Martha Stewart Living – a sweet and simple story, which brought tears to our eyes. A funny feminist and a real “foodie” before there even was such a word, we feel like Nora Ephron was truly in our tribe. But, of course, that’s how everybody feels. And that is why she and her wonderful work will be so sorely missed.


  1. Alice Elman said

    What a lovely lovely tribute, Margaret. I keep a food-stained copy of Heartburn with my cookbooks though I’ve long since memorized the mustard vinaigrette recipe in that funny, heart-breaking novel. She was such a gifted menschy feminist– a very sad loss.

    xoxo Alice

  2. Thanks, Alice – I know that copy of Heartburn well. It was and still is a great one – as is your mustard vinaigrette 🙂

  3. Judy Westwood said

    I agree. I was just reading ‘I Feel Bad About My Neck’, which I actually do, which was sitting on my bedside table when I got the news.

    • Judy, first of all, please don’t feel bad about your neck. Nora shouldn’t have and neither should you. She was just perfect exactly the way she was. And a feminist like her should have realized this and not let her vanity get in the way of her beauty as an artist and as a person. It was my only beef with her. But I also guess it shows what a vulneranle human being she was. Warts and all. And that is pretty lovable.

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