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Ngoc Minh Ngo’s book party

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We were invited to a lovely event at the upper west side West Elm store to celebrate the publication of the super-talented Ngoc Minh Ngo’s gorgeous book, Bringing Nature Home (floral arrangements inspired by nature). And with arrangements by collaborator, Nicolette Owen of awe-inspiring Little Flower School fame abounding, it was a true feast for the eyes – thank you for the invite and for the wonderful inspiration, ladies – and what a glorious way to ring in the season!

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History on the Half Shell

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We just discovered this 2006 gem, The Big Oyster: History on the Half Shell by Mark Kurlansky. A portrait of the once-famous oyster beds of New York Harbor that “beautifully illustrates food’s ability to connect us deeply to our particular place in the world and shows how our nourishment is so vitally tied to the health of the natural world.” “The Big Oyster is a zesty love song to a bivalve and a city  — intelligent, informative, and impossible to put down.” As ladies who love New York history and anything to do with oysters (and who happen to curate a fairly vast historical oyster shucking implement collection) we were absolutely riveted- thanks for the wonderful reco, JJ!

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The Man Who Ate New York

We recently honored M’s late father’s birthday by reading this delightful poem that celebrates food and the sensuality of eating in New York in a wonderfully fantastical way. Richard Elman wrote over 25 novels, memoirs and books of poetry with a skill, craft and wordsmanship that is truly worth looking up and checking out to this day. With much love – Happy Birthday, Dad!

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bring on the clouds

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An article in the Science Times shed light on the rather adorable website for the cloud appreciation society as well as a new book by one of the charter members, entitled The Cloud Collector’s Handbook. It’s nice to learn about a group of people around the world who write poems about clouds and “cloud watch” the way other people bird watch. As two ladies who shoot with natural light, we love this natural diffusion in all it’s beautiful shapes and sizes …

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