The Deep Blue Sea

© Music Box Films, 2011

We missed this stunner the first time around in theatres last year. But just caught in on demand and it is, without question, unbelievably gorgeous. Directed by Terence Davies and based on the Terence Rattigan play, this beautiful swoon of a film starring Rachel Weisz, Tom Hiddleston and Simon Russel Beale will transport through its sheer loveliness (with Cinematography by Florian Hoffmeister, Film Editing by David Charap, Production Design by James Merfield, Art Direction by David Hindle and Costume Design by Ruth Myers). But this is not an uplifting evening in the making. Plan on a stiff cocktail or two and an episode of 30 Rock or the Daily Show as a much needed chaser. Lovely!

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Brideshead Revisited

© Miramax Films, 2008

Just at the height of our Downton Abbey withdrawal, this gem from 2008 reappears and satisfies with all the splendor, drama and “upstairs” British finery we’ve been longing for – based on the novel by Evelyn Waugh. Upon second viewing, we’re once again struck by the lushness of the setting, the wonderful taboo of the story and sheer magnificence of the truly disgracefully wealthy in the earlier part of twentieth century England.  Beautifully directed by Julian Jarrold and starring Matthew Goode, Emma Thompson and Ben Wishaw who a year later went on to star in one of our all-time faves, the glorious Jane Campion beauty, Bright Star. Its chock full of everything period and pretty you want in a drama about obscene inherited wealth and class, including a perfect unseemly, disturbing underbelly. Enjoy!

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© BBC Original Drama, 2012

Did we say we were missing Downton Abbey? Well, this two-part Masterpiece Classic adapted from the modern classic, epic novel by Sebastian Faulk is just what we needed to get our fix of GORGEOUSLY filmed (touché, Director, Philip Martin & Cinematographer, Julian Court – this is absolutely STUNNING film, indeed!) period drama with the backdrop of World War One. The Trenches are shot with amazing finesse and a gritty, dark reality, while the flashbacks of forbidden love in the French countryside (Manor house – with ALL the fantastic details) between Eddie Redmayne and Clémence Poésy just absolutely took our breath away. Though thoroughly cinematic in every way, we feel quite lucky that this is actually a TV series (BBC, of course) – as we get feast our eyes on a full three hours of it and recommend you do the same!

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