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French chicken paintings

images: m&j

We just couldn’t resist these antique chicken paintings from a dealer we love in France. We are currently mooning over this chicken coop that we have no back yard for. So, for the time being, this little farm-inspired antiques indulgence will just have to suffice …

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kitchen inspired paintings

images: Heather Chontos

We just adore these food and kitchen inspired works by our good friend and sometimes collaborator – prop & set stylist and artist, extraordinaire, Heather Chontos. These and other delightful works are available on her site and blog, milk farm road. Her talents are a constant source of inspiration to us both.

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El Bulli: Cooking in Progress

© Alive Mind Cinema, 2011

This documentary about famed Spanish Chef and food provocateur, Ferran Adrià and his legendary El Bulli (now, sadly shuttered) just blew our minds. Creative to the point of “avant garde” as Adrià puts it, this food is not for everyone. And much of it seems less like food than science. But it is definitely art. And watching this documentary about the creation and coming to life of one of the last season’s menus of what many called “the greatest restaurant in the world” is completely engaging. The personalities alone in that kitchen are worth the trip. Our favorite quote from the film: Ferran Adrià to his sommelier – “Our problem is, there are a thousand combinations. At the moment, the taste doesn’t matter to us. That comes later. At the moment, what matters is whether something is magical, and whether it opens up a new path. And later, in the restaurant, the dishes are created. Constructed. Now it’s more research and there is more research with creativity.” Simply riveting.

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a 26-year-old work of art

photos of journal: m&j, Illustration and all artwork: Marvin Davis

This gorgeous treasure of a journal from an Italy trip taken in November, 1985, belongs to our dear and fabulous foodie friends, Marvin and Cathie. We can only imagine what a grand adventure they took – in the Henry James style – one that allowed them to eat at all the finest restaurants that Rome, Venice, Tuscany and Milan had to offer, while still reserving the precious time to relax, sip wine, sketch and just do nothing and “be” the Italian way. Marvin, your drawings are beautiful and the two of you are our culinary adventure heroes!

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New York Times Magazine Food and Drink Issue

photos: Brad Swonetz for The New York Times, m&j, Joseph Nicéphore Niépce (1832) and Marcus Nilsson for The New York Times

This New York Times Magazine was read from cover to cover before either of our heads had even hit the pillows on Saturday night – such a great issue full of so many interesting tips, recipes, factoids and wonderful opinions by our favorite food writers. Some highlights; last supper wishes from a famous few, how breakfast has evolved through the ages, the party planning menu matrix, food in art, literature, cinema and the many musings of Michael Pollan, Amanda Hesser, Sam Sifton, Mark Bittman, Mimi Sheraton, Maud Newton, Bill Buford and Eric Asimov … seriously just too much to get into – plus an interview with Mad Men creator, Matthew Weiner, to boot! This one’s a keeper.

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Wayne Thiebaud food paintings

images: © Wayne Thiebaud

We love these pre-pop era paintings from the 1950s and ‘60s depicting the kind of production line style food found in diners, bakeries and cafeterias. With his heavy use of pigment, sophisticated, exaggerated colors and well-defined shadows, Wayne Thiebaud’s work looks so modern, even today.

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The Man Who Ate New York

We recently honored M’s late father’s birthday by reading this delightful poem that celebrates food and the sensuality of eating in New York in a wonderfully fantastical way. Richard Elman wrote over 25 novels, memoirs and books of poetry with a skill, craft and wordsmanship that is truly worth looking up and checking out to this day. With much love – Happy Birthday, Dad!

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80 years of food photography

A group exhibition at the Robert Mann Gallery on West 24th Street with food shots from the likes of Irving Penn, Ansel Adams, Paulette Tavormina and Julie Blackmon … most inspiring! Through May 14th.

NYT Dining: Food loved by the camera

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postcards from Provence

Our constant obsession: Julian Merrow-Smith makes our day nearly every day with his beautiful oil paintings fresh from his French countryside easel (and pantry) to our inboxes each afternoon. Our personal favorites: the food still lifes, of course.

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18th century French food paintings

Jean Simeon Chardin’s epicurean paintings – so inspiring in every way!

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