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I am love

® Metrodome Distribution, 2009

This film is so, so beautiful! The love of food in this one is so incredibly special – not to mention Tilda Swinton’s love scene in the field and the stunning blanket of snow atop Milano in the opening scene – pure gorgeousness all the way!

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Glorious pies

© Fox Searchlight, 2007

This 2007 quirky charmer written, directed and costarring the late Adrienne Shelly features an array of charming tabletop/baking sequences with an abundance of extremely original (and originally named) pie recipes. Still quite sweet, fun and hunger-inducing to this day.

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Babette’s Feast

© Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Inc, 1987

This 1987 classic which takes place in a remote Danish village on the coast of Jutland with it’s strict overall adherence to a blues, browns and grays is a study in bleak and subtle loveliness. The food scenes are a bit dated, but quite beautiful in their own way. The color palette and cinematography are still worth a second look!

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Marie Antoinette

© Columbia Pictures Corporation, 2006

Our constant obsession: Sofia Coppola’s 2006 retelling of the story of the fall of France’s iconic queen. Stunning in every way. Like the lives of the ill-fated 18th century ruling class, it is a feast for the eyes and a veritable acid trip for the feminine imagination. Our favorite sequence is the artfully shot and contrastingly natural world of Marie Antoinette’s Le Petit Trianon retreat. Though tragic – this movie is as sweet and delicious as a Ladurée macaroon!

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