our LA “kitchen”

photos: m&j

On a recent shoot in LA, we were charged with creating a little kitchen on-set and were just delighted by the results – thank you so much to the talented Kate Martindale for your amazing eye, fabulous taste and stellar talent – as always, it was a pure pleasure! And our food stylist, the lovely Rebecca Jurkevich not only whipped up some gorgeous, delicious pasta dishes, but also made a most delightful model, if we do say so, ourselves … thank you, all!

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Ngoc Minh Ngo’s book party

iphone photos: m&j

We were invited to a lovely event at the upper west side West Elm store to celebrate the publication of the super-talented Ngoc Minh Ngo’s gorgeous book, Bringing Nature Home (floral arrangements inspired by nature). And with arrangements by collaborator, Nicolette Owen of awe-inspiring Little Flower School fame abounding, it was a true feast for the eyes – thank you for the invite and for the wonderful inspiration, ladies – and what a glorious way to ring in the season!

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one more Alexia ad in print

photos: m&j food styling: Maggie Ruggiero prop & set styling: Theo Vamvounakis

The fourth of four of our Alexia print ads has cropped up in the latest/March issue of Saveur and we’re delighted to see the finished product – with hand-rendered typography and the pretty warm sweet potatoes with cool metals and yummy bar-b-que ketchup dip. Thank you again, Maggie and Theo for making these tasty little puffs so incredibly sophisticated and delicious!

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our champagne and oysters in Swedish

photos: m&j

The lovely Swedish magazine, HOOM, picked up our champagne & oysters story from the first of January – always fun to see their lovely art direction and our words translated!

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our Alexia ads in print

photos: m&j food styling: Maggie Ruggiero prop & set styling: Theo Vamvounakis

It’s been fun to see these ads all finished with hand-rendered typography, running in the likes of Saveur & Bon Appetit. Thank you Maggie and Theo for making these tasty little items so incredibly gorgeous and inventive!

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soft, morning light

photos: m&j

Upstate on a crisp, fall morning, the mist and morning dew became the loveliest diffusion for the rising sun. Perfection.

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Barry Lyndon

© Warner Bros. Pictures, 1975

This 1975 Stanley Kubrick masterpiece is still a feast for the eyes in every way. So lush, painterly and epic in it’s scope – it amazes us every time we view it. Of particular import, the genre changing scenes shot only with candlelight and a camera which Kubrick had specially rigged for the low light situations. Redmond Barry is indeed a cad, but the film is so incredibly gorgeous it will have you falling in love with everything that surrounds this unlikely protagonist in a way that surely even William Makepeace Thackeray would have applauded.

Kubrick camera rig article:

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