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home made fluffernutters!

photos: m&j

The toasted meringue frosted cake got us thinking about swell childhood sweet treats. And the pillow-y pile of left-over meringue we had in our mixer gave us yet another idea from childhood, only slightly improved upon – fluffernutters with real, fresh marshmallow meringue and crunchy organic peanut butter – yum! This salty/sweet concoction still pleases grown-ups and kids alike, especially with the crusts cut off, thank you very much.

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toasted meringue

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The much appreciated holiday gift of our very own blowtorch came in quite handy this week when mountains of meringue were whipped up in the Kitchen Aid to frost an impromptu layer cake. Seven-minute frosting is always fun, but with the addition of actual fire, the toasted marshmallow waves and ripples created with the blowtorch conjure up so many wonderful dessert memories – from s’mores around the campfire to that amazing childhood fancy restaurant treat – baked Alaska! So fun to make and pretty freakin’ cool to serve – we recommend toasting meringue the next time cake baking is on the agenda.

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the gift of cranberry orange sauce

photos: m&j

Okay, so neither of us actually cooked a Turkey this Thanksgiving. It has been done, but this year a) we were, fortunately, quite busy and b) we were invited elsewhere as guests. But that didn’t stop us from bringing some delicious sides (Brussels sprouts with horseradish sauce a la The Dutch, anyone?), fabulous cheeses (the La Tur and St. Agur lasted about as long as the first glass of champagne) and our favorite cranberry orange sauce – a super tasty and simple recipe that makes a great holiday host/hostess gift and beats the heck out of that can-shaped cranberry flavored thing!

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delicious roasted veg

photos: m&j

Easy and pleasing to serve to a table of hungry guests: slow roast seasonal veggies of your choice taste great with olive oil, salt, pepper, zesty lemon rind and some lovely fresh sprigs of thyme to compliment their own wonderful flavor.

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Fresh Fig tarts

photos: m&j

Fragrant, earthy, sweet and vaguely exotic – this subtle, jammy fruit makes such a light and perfect meal ender this time of year. We’ve been so lucky to have the two trees in Maryland producing quite a bumper crop for the first time this season – thank you for the inspired planting, Wright and Patsy!

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New York Times Magazine Food and Drink Issue

photos: Brad Swonetz for The New York Times, m&j, Joseph Nicéphore Niépce (1832) and Marcus Nilsson for The New York Times

This New York Times Magazine was read from cover to cover before either of our heads had even hit the pillows on Saturday night – such a great issue full of so many interesting tips, recipes, factoids and wonderful opinions by our favorite food writers. Some highlights; last supper wishes from a famous few, how breakfast has evolved through the ages, the party planning menu matrix, food in art, literature, cinema and the many musings of Michael Pollan, Amanda Hesser, Sam Sifton, Mark Bittman, Mimi Sheraton, Maud Newton, Bill Buford and Eric Asimov … seriously just too much to get into – plus an interview with Mad Men creator, Matthew Weiner, to boot! This one’s a keeper.

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essential summer fare

photo in paper in m&j photo: Francesco Tonelli for the New York Times

Summer is almost over, so it’s only fitting that the Wednesday Times Dining section featured the remembrances and recipes of five food writers who share their idea of the idyllic summer ingredient and meal. The grilled peaches are making our mouths water. And, frankly, we can’t wait to try them all!

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